working together

You do what you can today to keep up with your business. 

We help you scale it up so that it’s done properly.

>> Do you need an executive assistant or a virtual operations manager?

As your virtual operations team, we use online platforms and applications to make working together a breeze no matter where you are.

  • Text or whatsapp for urgent matters
  • Email for daily communication
  • Zoom calls once/twice per month for that face-to-face strategy/priority planning time
  • to manage, track and complete all the daily projects and tasks
  • Boomerang for Gmail to keep important matters top of mind and in our face when deadlines are looming.

We believe in partnership

Let’s talk about your needs

  • You know the wheels are going to fly off if you try to do more but your ambitions are bigger
  • You’re hanging on for dear life
  • You know you’re at the fork in the road moment. You are super ambitious and about to break the 1, 5 or 10 million $ mark and don’t want to break YOU in the process

We ONLY work with companies who value their time, who pay on time and who would rather work ON their business than IN it.

  • Companies that are aware, willing and motivated that they want someone like Ops On Call.
  • Companies that realize if they’re not delivering and staying in alignment then some of their people are struggling.
  • Organizations that see their business scaling up but need more help with alignment and executing.
  • Companies that have predictable work flow.

We do operations, not finance.
We do admin, not marketing.




We can help you


Imagine someone having your back all day. Imagine someone strategically looking after the busy day-to-day activities of your business so that you can focus on growth, relationships, and the bigger picture.


Wouldn’t it be great to have someone attend, remotely, all those meetings you find yourself in? Someone to manage and track what needs following up on and prioritize your promises so that you are able to deliver on them? 


Envision your business activities being streamlined. Going from chaotic to organized. We create and manage programs and workflow that gets your business on track so that your company’s agenda moves along.

We are the guardians of your business

How we’ll work together

  • Those meetings you’re always in? We do the follow-up
  • We look after the company inbox and respond in your voice so that you don’t have to
  • Our team learns your business, and because of that, your company moves along.
  • Nothing falls through the cracks even though you are making promises and commitments in every meeting

Are we the right fit?

If you are a controller and can’t let go? We’re probably not for you.

If you are a one-way communicator, then we are not for you. If you need to micromanage or prove that we can’t give you what you need, then we are definitely not for you.

“I can always count on you to be there for us – impeccable, professional and cheerful!”