Wouldn’t that be nice? To never have to schedule another meeting again? To never have to do the back and forth:

“Does this day work for you? Yes? Oh, but morning only? Well, let me check with the other 10,000 people who are invited and I’ll see if I can find another time that works.”.

Managing your calendar is one of the most time-consuming tasks you could do yourself. It’s also one that generates ZERO revenue. And it’s also one of the easiest tasks to delegate! (YAY for silver linings!).

We do calendar maintenance for clients all the time. We either do ALL of the updating and scheduling, organizing and maintaining (best-case scenario), or look after their roster of clients and speaking events only and they look after their personal events. In the past, we worked with a client where we both scheduled meetings & events, but that was just too messy so I took it completely over (see best-case scenario above!) 🙂

I’ve saved clients anywhere from 5 – 10/hours per month JUST by looking after their calendar for them. To them, this is 5 -10 new clients they could be seeing.

That is literally money in the bank for them.

All it takes is some patience and time to fully let go of the reigns and you can have peace of mind knowing that consults, meetings and appointments are being handled while you work on building relationships, growing your biz and increasing revenue!