Word processing. The dreaded term. The stuff that bogs down the solo-CEO (heck, any CEO!)

I remember when I was a manager in a corporate environment, I spent HOURS a day on word processing. Pulling together meeting notes and agendas. Writing contracts and proposals, creating client onboarding documentation, developing spreadsheets and power points. The list went on (and sometimes on and on and on!). Being stuck behind my desk doing this prevented me from being out there networking to bring in new clients and building stronger relationships with the ones I did have.

I could have been signing deals instead of writing them.

That’s a load of time, and admin, you can get off your plate easily and swiftly! We have clients that have scanned and emailed us their notes. We have clients that courier packages to us, and we also have clients that drop us a few emails with bullet points. This day and age though, we usually use an application that is accessible from anywhere (Evernote is a particular fave, as is Google Docs and Dropbox). We fully believe it’s our job to take those notes and pull everything together, so you’ll usually find us on calls with you, or following up shortly after to grab the info – let us pull it together and make it happen for you.

Let us do the word processing from behind our desks – so you can get out from behind yours.