Okay, so maybe not officially an astronaut, but at least a busy solo-CEO.)

Are you in the air… a lot?  Are you always travelling? Do you find yourself globetrotting for tradeshows, conferences, forums, speaking engagements, launches, site visits, client masterminds, or much-needed vacations with the family?

Here are two things you can delegate straight away so you can focus on those tradeshows, conferences, forums, engagements….

  1. Travel arrangements
  2. Voice mail management

Flying from here to Vegas and back is one thing. Flying from here to Vegas to New York to Florida to L.A. to Vancouver to Toronto to London and back is another thing. And then throw in the fact that your colleague is flying a leg with you for 2 conferences and your husband is joining you for the weekend in New York, and your kids are going to be staying with your folks in London but then needing to meet you in L.A…. and it gets all out of hand.

Seriously? Delegate it. Delegate that headache to someone else. Someone who’s great at it. Someone who loves that sort of thing: your VA! You give us where you need to be, when and for how long and we’ll organize the flights, book the conference, get you the best hotels – and make sure your kids reach you in L.A.

And? We’ll stay on top of your voice mail while you’re up in the air being the astronaut to make sure things here on the ground flow smoothly.

‘Cause it’s what we do.