Does your inbox feel overwhelming?

Problem: you’re a busy solopreneur being consumed by email. You’re glued to the screen. You’re trigger happy. As the CEO of a solo organization, you believe it’s your job to look after the inquiries. You’re buried in your inbox. You’ve got emails and correspondence coming from every direction. You have multiple email accounts that you need to check on each day. You’ve got so much coming in that you just can’t stay on top of it. You’re staying too much on top of it and you have no time to really work on relationships and build your business.

Step away from the inbox.

My guess is that 80% of it, or more, can be handled by someone else.

This has been my experience – in working with numerous clients over the years specifically for email inbox management. There are various methods to calming the madness. For some clients a star or flag system works. For others, we use a task-based system. And yet with others, 3rd party apps can come in handy for follow up and reminders. The key is, THERE IS A WAY! There’s a way to get out from your inbox. There’s hope! You don’t have to be up until the wee hours going through your emails anymore!

If you’re not ready to give full control of your inbox to someone else, it’s not a problem at all – but do make sure to take note of what can easily be handled by someone else and then let that someone else handle it. Even simple streamlining of your systems can save you hours of work per week. If you get the same question over and over again – hire a VA to help with some scripting and let them look after the customer service aspect! Lots of questions or queries to have you attend appointments, functions or speaking engagements? Outsource your calendar maintenance too and let your VA handle it!

The point is, there are people who specialize in this area and are ready to jump in help out – so you can breathe (and maybe even take a (GASP) vacation!